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Late January through February schedule

Here are the wonderful essays on tap for the next six weeks, all by solid writers that I admire and can't wait to hear from!

Jan. 21--"Writing Conflict" by dm_wyatt
Jan. 28--"Writing Winick's Outsiders run" by pervyficgirl
Feb. 4--"Writing Hurt/Comfort" by paxwolf
Feb. 11--"Writing the Morrison/Waid JLA" by victoria_wayne
Feb. 18--"Writing Femslash" by bradygirl_12
Feb. 25--"Writing Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)" by merfilly

Wow, not a single specific pairing in the bunch!  I'll have to look for some other pairings that need to be covered here soon...
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Workshop volunteers needed

Hi everyone!  December is probably going to be a light month around here--I'm certainly not going to ask someone to write an essay to be put up on either Dec. 24 or Dec. 31, for example.  But I'm starting to plan for January a bit and am asking for more volunteers!

As always, these are just suggestions:  if there's something you'd really like to write, just ask in comments and I'll sign you up!

Jason Todd (Robin)
Selina Kyle (Catwoman)
Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)
Lex Luthor
Alfred Pennyworth
Jim Gordon
J'onn J'onnz (Martian Manhunter)
Stephanie Brown (Spoiler)
Jaime Reyes (the new Blue Beetle)
Harvey Dent (Two-Face)
(Actually, an entire essay on the Gotham rogues would probably work well!)

Clark/Lex (probably Smallville-based)

I'm also thinking of starting essays about specific teams, the more famous incarnations of the DCU teams, such as:

The original Teen Titans
The New Teen Titans
The current Teen Titans
The Morrison/Waid JLA
The Giffen JLI
The Waid Justice League:  Year One
Outsiders v. 3 (the one with Dick and Roy)
(what am I missing here?)

Meta is starting to get a little tough...what would people like to see?

Choosing story lengths (comparing drabbles, stories, and series)
Transitioning from pre-relationship to established relationship in a series
Writing fight scenes
Writing slash, femslash, or het in general
How to get started writing (where do you get ideas from, where do you enter and deviate from canon, etc.)
(More suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  What meta do you care passionately about that you want to write or see written?)

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Preview of Coming Attractions!

Well, as we start to enter the Fall Lineup, I thought I'd give you a preview of what workshops are coming up.  They look awesome!

Sept. 24:  How to Incorporate Bad Canon into your Fanfic by second_batgirl
Oct 1:  Writing Hal Jordan (Green Lantern II) by merfilly
Oct. 10:  Writing BDSM scenes by ladyoneill
Oct. 15:  Writing Clark Kent (Superman) by saavikam77
Oct. 22:  Writing Dialogue by vigilante_wake
Oct. 29:  Writing Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson by bradygirl_12
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Seeking volunteers for workshops!

We're booked mostly through September with workshops, but I'm hoping to start garnering volunteers for some of the fall workshops!  No expertise beyond enthusiasm and enjoying talking about fandom is necessary--if you see something on the list you'd like to talk about, just mention it in comments and we'll see what works out!

Meta essays:
Writing hurt/comfort stories
Writing time travel stories
Writing BDSM stories
Writing genderswap stories
Writing dialogue
Writing action sequences
Writing teams
Making videos
Making icons

Single character essays:
Bart Allen (Impulse)
Diana (Wonder Woman)
Alfred Pennyworth
Stephanie Brown (Spoiler/Robin IV)
Tim Drake (Robin III)
Selina Kyle (Catwoman)
Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)
Roy Harper (Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow)

Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson
Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle
Tim Drake/Kon-El
Tim Drake/Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown/Cassandra Cain (Batgirl)
Bruce Wayne/Diana
Clark Kent/Diana
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne
Dick Grayson/Tim Drake
Dick Grayson/Kori'ander (Starfire)

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Upcoming Workshop: "Writing Clark Kent/Dick Grayson" by Pervyficgirl

Our next workshop is looking at the pairing dynamics between Superman (Clark Kent) and Robin/Nightwing (Dick Grayson):  two characters with such a surprisingly long history together as friends and collegues.  pervyficgirl's essay walks through the different ways of writing them, complete with tons of examples and illustrations--always a treat.

Pervy's Clark/Dick stories are many and varied, including:

1000 Days:  A series showing the relationship developing (very) slowly over time from hero-worship to something more real.  Up to R
Needful and Impatient:  An established-relationship story, short and hot.  R.
Mirror in the Sky:  Nightwing and Superman Returns Clark, shortly after his five-year absence.  PG-13
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August Workshop Lineup!

Hm...August seems to have become smut and slash heavy!  It must be all the summer heat...

Upcoming Workshops
August 6:  "Writing Clark Kent/Dick Grayson" by pervyficgirl
August 13:  "Using Sex Pollen in Stories" by jen_in_japan
August 20: "Writing Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd" by miss_gordon
August 27:  "Writing Smut" by trascendenza

There should be a lot there to discuss!  *evil grin*

Most of September is filled, but I'm going to be putting up a list of topics, characters, and pairings I'm hoping to coax someone into writing soon, since we've got quite a few newer faces around! 
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Upcoming Workshop: "Writing AUs" by Bradygirl_12

Comic book canon is filled with Alternate Universes (AUs), from "canon skewed" (Jeph Loeb's "Absolute Power" arc in Superman/Batman, in which the two rule are raised as brothers and rule the world) to "alternate takes on the future" (Titans Tomorrow, Kingdom Come, the Dark Knight Returns), to "elseworlds" in which the characters are the same but are in totally different lives, like nineteenth-century English gentility or, as in "Shogun of Steel," medieval Japanese samurai.  With so much canon AU action going on, fanfiction writers have a lot of possibilities to draw on!

This week's essay is by bradygirl_12 and discusses some different ways to approach writing an AU.  Brady's most detailed AU is the wonderful "Rainbow's Freedom," which posits a United States that never abolished slavery, and an Earth that has become the hub of a galactic empire.  It's Superman/Batman slash, but the first two chapters are PG-13 and capture the feel of her world nicely if you want to get a look at it without sex scenes.

I'm endlessly fascinated by AUs and look forward to seeing your discussions on them!