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Workshop: "Writing Villains" by Wachey

How to Write a Villain

Written by: Wachey

First, I will admit that I don't write villains that often, but I understand that they are just as important as the heroes and can add a lot of action, suspense, humor or drama to a story. I've also attempted to use some of them in my fanfics like Lex Luthor in Birthday Surprises; Ra's Al Ghul, Talia, and Cheshire in my SMM series; and Mxyzptlk in various Bruce/Clark fics.

Now before I begin, I'd like to give a quick review of what makes a villain so bad.

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Batarang TDK
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Workshop: Dick Grayson--Nightwing by Wachey

This week's workshop is by wachey and is a discussion of Nightwing!  She introduces a lot of the things that make this version of Dick Grayson a fascinating (and sometimes controversial) character, with a lot of discussion about the differences between the animated and comics version.  In addition, the essay is full of original art which is just gorgeous and adorable.  Give it a look and chat about the complicated and intriguing Nightwing!

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Batarang TDK
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Upcoming Workshop: "Dick Grayson/Nightwing" by Wachey

This week's workshop is written and led by wachey and continues the Dick theme of last week by moving on to Dick Grayson as the Nightwing character.  Dick is fascinating to me in part because his time as Robin and his time as Nightwing are interlinked, yet quite separate at the same time. 

Wachey writes a lot of Nightwing in various pairings (Nightwing/Arsenal and Nightwing/Flash being two of her favorites).  She also is a great fan artist!

Here's a good example of her fanart, a lovely picture of Nightwing.
One of the NC-17 chapters of her Dick/Roy series "Little Serum, Dash of Magic, Big Miracle"
"24 Hours in the Life of Dick Grayson," a good take on the "24 hours" fic meme.  Her Tim here is definitely an added bonus.  :)

There are lots of opinions on Nightwing and the way the DC people treat him!  In some ways he almost seems to be a microcosm of the entire DC universe, with all the pros, cons, difficulties and benefits.  So I think talking about his character can be quite interesting and revealing.

See you there!