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Workshop signups

You probably know the drill by now--it's time for some summer essay signups!  Comment below with a preferred date and a topic that interests you--possible topics include character studies, pairing guides, story process essays, team analyses, reviews of canon material, or meta about the writing process, especially as it relates to writing superheroes!  I'm going to put aside one date for another writing exercise, and any others that don't fill up I'll pencil in writing exercises for those as well.

June 1:  Writing Exercise, "Colors"
June 8:  mithen, Writing Process Essay
June 15:  dragonbat2006 , Writing Process Essay on "Locked in the Facade."
June 22:
June 29:  icarus_chained ,
"Writing from an Alien Perspective"
July 6:  
Writing Exercise, "Barbarians"
July 13:  snake_easing ,
"A Dick/Tim recommendation list"
July 20:
Writing Exercise, "Clothes"
July 27dunmurderin , "Writing AUs"
August 3:
August 10: 
August 17:  bradygirl_12 ,
Writing Process Essay
August 24:  Writing Exercise, "Incongruity"
August 31:

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Volunteer signup!

Okay, Superhero Muses is re-open for business and signups!  I'm checking for volunteers for one or both of two things:

1.  Character and Pairing "manifestos"--summaries of why you love a certain character or pairing and why they're fun to write.  Feel free to write your own take on a pairing if it's been over a year since the last one--check the memories to see how long it's been since your favorites have shown up!

ETA:  I forgot about meta-posts about the process of writing in general, too!  I love those, so let me know if you want to write something about writing at the more technical level as well...

2.  Story Process Essays:  An essay where you take us through the story of how you wrote a story.  Not a DVD commentary, although obviously a link to the story in question is a good idea.  It should probably be written, however, so a person who didn't read the story can still follow more or less what you're talking about.  I'll make up some general guidelines on this, but I'm thinking of questions like:
Where did the idea come from?
Why did you write it, what was your goal?
What parts did you write in what order?
What problems did you run into, and how did you get through them?
(What other questions would you enjoy seeing writers talk about?)

You can pick any story (obviously I would prefer it be a superhero-based story!).  If you can't decide, a poll on your web page with a few choices might help you narrow it down!

Comment to volunteer!  Please include:

Essay Type:  Character/Pairing (and which one) and/or Story Process
Date:  Give me a few of the dates below that might work for you, I'll fill them in on a pretty-much first come first served basis.

March 16: icarus_chained --Writing Process essay on "Steampunk"
March 23:  sabinelagrande --Writing Process essay
March 30:  damos  on the betaing process
April 6:  Writing Workshop Test Run  :)
April 13:  adarkerknight --Writing Process essay
April 20: ladymordecai  on Barbara/Ted/Booster
April 27:  saavikam77 --Writing Process essay on "The Lost Years."
May 4:  ladyoneill --Writing Process essay
May 11:  dunmurderin  on Sabretooth/Wild Child
May 18:  bradygirl_12 --Writing Process essay
May 25: not_from_stars --Kitty Pryde essay
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Workshop Volunteers Needed!

I'll be heading off for my annual summer tour of America fairly soon, and I'd like to have the workshop schedule filled up enough to make me comfortable.  *grin*  So I'm looking for volunteers to write essays on a variety of topics.  Types of essays include:

--Introductions to pairings
--Introductions to characters
--Introductions to specific teams (Avengers, Teen Titans, Young Justice, etc.)
--Meta issues about writing

I'm also adding two new possibilities--the first is reviews.  Feel free to volunteer to review:
1.  Superhero movies/tv shows, old or recent.
2.  Trade paperbacks.  Since a lot of us fill in canon with TPBs, it would be really good to have some reviews of the key ones.  This could be in-depth reviews of one TPB, or perhaps a list of "Essential TPBs to own to understand X character."
3.  Current titles.  Anything currently ongoing.  Want to encourage people to read the new Blue Beetle or Runaways?  This would be your chance.

The second is discussions of specific writers or artists.  I know I often feel like there are big gaps in my knowledge of the personalities behind the creation of comic books, so I'd love to see more about that.  You could either limit it to universe (Frank Miller's work at Marvel) or cover whole careers (Alex Ross in general).

Comment on this thread to claim something!  And I'm haunted by the creepy feeling that I've failed to respond to previous volunteers at some point, so if your suggestion slipped through the cracks, please assume I'm negligent rather than ignoring you and try again.  *grin*
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Workshop Volunteers Needed

It's that time of year again, when the blank spaces on the schedule are starting to loom far too close and I go out questing for fresh blood new workshops!

Comment below with anything you'd enjoy writing a workshop about.  Some of the general options:

1.  Character.  An in-depth analysis of a character's history and background, with a focus on why you love them and how you write them.
2.  Pairing.  The same thing for a pairing, from canon to subtextual to pure crack.
3.  Team.  A description of a team--usually at a specific period of time, since the dynamics on a team are so much more complicated than a pairing or character.  Some really important teams--the JLI, Young Justice, Teen Titans and New Teen Titans, for example--are still ungrabbed!
4.  Meta.  Anything at all about the craft of writing--analysis of genres, common difficulties when writing, specific challenges, anything you like to talk about.

I'd like to add some Marvel pairings and characters as well, so if there are Marvel writers out there or if you know any to ask them (I'm rather looking at htbthomas for something about Spiderman/MJ, perhaps!  Oh, the complicated explanation THAT would be...) please step up!  I also would love to have essays about some of the lesser-known characters out there, so if you have a soft spot for Etta Candy, or G'nort, or Jason Blood or The Brain/Mallah...let me know!  I also don't mind essays on characters and pairings that have already been done, since everyone has a slightly different take on them.  In short, let me know what gets your muses jazzed!
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Workshop volunteers needed

Hi everyone!  December is probably going to be a light month around here--I'm certainly not going to ask someone to write an essay to be put up on either Dec. 24 or Dec. 31, for example.  But I'm starting to plan for January a bit and am asking for more volunteers!

As always, these are just suggestions:  if there's something you'd really like to write, just ask in comments and I'll sign you up!

Jason Todd (Robin)
Selina Kyle (Catwoman)
Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)
Lex Luthor
Alfred Pennyworth
Jim Gordon
J'onn J'onnz (Martian Manhunter)
Stephanie Brown (Spoiler)
Jaime Reyes (the new Blue Beetle)
Harvey Dent (Two-Face)
(Actually, an entire essay on the Gotham rogues would probably work well!)

Clark/Lex (probably Smallville-based)

I'm also thinking of starting essays about specific teams, the more famous incarnations of the DCU teams, such as:

The original Teen Titans
The New Teen Titans
The current Teen Titans
The Morrison/Waid JLA
The Giffen JLI
The Waid Justice League:  Year One
Outsiders v. 3 (the one with Dick and Roy)
(what am I missing here?)

Meta is starting to get a little tough...what would people like to see?

Choosing story lengths (comparing drabbles, stories, and series)
Transitioning from pre-relationship to established relationship in a series
Writing fight scenes
Writing slash, femslash, or het in general
How to get started writing (where do you get ideas from, where do you enter and deviate from canon, etc.)
(More suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  What meta do you care passionately about that you want to write or see written?)

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Seeking volunteers for workshops!

We're booked mostly through September with workshops, but I'm hoping to start garnering volunteers for some of the fall workshops!  No expertise beyond enthusiasm and enjoying talking about fandom is necessary--if you see something on the list you'd like to talk about, just mention it in comments and we'll see what works out!

Meta essays:
Writing hurt/comfort stories
Writing time travel stories
Writing BDSM stories
Writing genderswap stories
Writing dialogue
Writing action sequences
Writing teams
Making videos
Making icons

Single character essays:
Bart Allen (Impulse)
Diana (Wonder Woman)
Alfred Pennyworth
Stephanie Brown (Spoiler/Robin IV)
Tim Drake (Robin III)
Selina Kyle (Catwoman)
Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)
Roy Harper (Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow)

Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson
Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle
Tim Drake/Kon-El
Tim Drake/Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown/Cassandra Cain (Batgirl)
Bruce Wayne/Diana
Clark Kent/Diana
Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne
Dick Grayson/Tim Drake
Dick Grayson/Kori'ander (Starfire)