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Upcoming Workshops!

The upcoming couple of months look fun here at superhero_muses! Here's what we've got lined up so far--authors, let me know if you've got a preferred title for your essay!

April 11: merfilly on Writing Team Dynamics
April 18: snake_easing, "Tell me That You Love Me"
April 25: mithen on Paul Cornell's Lex Luthor in Action Comics
May 2: me_ya_ri on "Sex as War, War as Sex: Writing Action in the Bedroom and Beyond."
May 9: bradygirl_12 Introduction to Superman/Batman
May 16: luciferxdamien on "Talk Dirty to Me"
May 23: crimsonquills on Introduction to the Green Lantern Corps
May 30: Open
June 6: dizmo on Introduction to the Justice League International

Let me know if you'd like to sign up for anything else!

The format for these is generally very informal--especially for the essays that aren't summaries or introductions, I encourage you to think of it as a series of thoughts and reflections to prompt some discussion, wrapping up with a few questions for people to answer about their own writing, perhaps. Definitely don't think of any of these as "The Definitive Take on ___"--that way lies only paralysis.

I'll open posting to the author on the day it's due, but you can post anytime that day! I'm really looking forward to seeing each of your essays!
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Workshop Signups!

It's been a while since there's been an essay posted here, so I figure a new year might be a good time to see who'd like to write about fanfic and writing!  Workshops come in many flavors, including but not limited to:

1.  Rec Manifestos:  A listing of favorite stories centered around a character or pairing.  An excellent example is this Dick/Tim Rec Manifesto by snake_easing , which is nicely grouped into genres and includes a lot of delicious meta about the pairing.

2.  Ship/Character Guides:  An essay that explains the appeal of a pairing or character and talks about different ways to write them.

3.  Comic Book Reviews:  Reviews of a title, author, artist, or trade paperback.

4.  Writing Meta:  Any general discussion of writing issues--hints on writing dialogue, sex scenes, pacing, description, or anything else that interests you.  Gaps in the schedule I'll probably fill with links to interesting meta-discussion I've found on the topic, but I'd love to see what people came up with!

Workshops are usually posted on Monday, so let's start planning for them in February to give the first writers some time:

Feb. 1:
Feb. 8:
Feb. 15:
Feb. 22:  "Using POV" by snake_easing 

March 1:
March 8:  "Superman and Batman:  A History in Scans" by mithen 
March 15:  "'The End of All Things':  Apocalyptic Fic" by bradygirl_12 
March 22:
March 29:

April 5:
April 12:
April 19:
April 26:

Respond in comments to let me know if you're interested and I'll fill in some of the schedule!