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Upcoming Workshop: The Birds of Prey by Merfilly

Up next, merfilly will be walking us through the basics of the Birds of Prey team!

Some of her BoP fic can be found here:

The Hostage Without and Trapped Within
Older, But Wiser?
And of course her massive table of Barbara/Dinah.
Last but not least, The Glow of Loving

All are Barbara/Dinah (Oracle/Black Canary), all the non-table stories are PG or PG-13 and the table covers the full range.  Enjoy!
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Workshop: "Writing J'onn J'onnz, the Martian Manhunter," by Merfilly

Thank you, again, for hosting this community and allowing me to write about J'onn J'onzz, one of my favorite Martians of all time.

I want to start off with a recognition to icarus_chained for the wonderful tales of Martian Manhunter recently on my flist, as well as victoria_wayne who tackled the toon'verse version rather nicely. Others have also written the Martian with wonderful results, and I am pleased every time I see him pop up in a fic. As far as fanfic series goes, I cannot, in good conscience, fail to point out the writer known as 'Chicago' and her Martian Manlove series, found on offpanel.net. It's that series that made me even think that slash and J'onn belonged in the same sentence.

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Upcoming Workshop: Writing the Martian Manhunter by Merfilly

This week's essay is--appropriately enough for St. Patricks's Day--about Big Green himself, J'onn J'onnz, the Martian Manhunter.  It's by merfilly and I learned a lot about J'onn reading it!  merfilly has plenty of experience writing J'onn in many forms--all of her fic tagged with his name is here, but a few that stand out in my recent memory:

Nothing So Alien
(J'onn/Clark with previous J'onn/Bruce and Clark/Bruce)
Watching (J'onn, One Year Later)
The Importance of Touch (J'onn/Bruce, NC-17 telepathic sex)
Alien Comfort (J'onn/Lois, post Death of Superman)
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Upcoming Workshop: "Writing Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)" by Merfilly

Merfilly was the first author I read writing Ollie (this statement is true for most characters mind, you), so she seemed a natural choice to write an essay on his character, history, and possibilities in fic!

Some of her favorite stories with Green Arrow in them include:

Untitled Arrow Family Fic
, G-rated
Coming Together, Hal/Ollie, NC-17
Morning Conference, G-rated, Arrow, Bat, Supes
When Heroes Fall, Longbow Hunters dark AU, R-Rated
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Upcoming Workshop: Writing Hal Jordan (Green Lantern II) by Merfilly

Hal Jordan--the Silver Age Green Lantern--is a challenge to write.  Not because his continuity is confusing, but because his character is...sometimes difficult to write, for a variety of reasons.  merfilly's upcoming essay is an excellent recap of his history, personality, and place  in the DCU!

merfilly has written more stories with Hal than most people (anyone?  I think anyone) I know, so she was a natural for writing this essay.  You can read some of her GL

"Team Green and a Pretty Bird" Hal/Ollie, Ollie/Dinah over the years (NC-17)
"Needed Him" Off panel scene from Green Arrow Ver. 2 (G)
"The Fall and Rise of Hal Jordan" Fic to accompany cephiedvariable's Fallen video (PG-13)
"Pride's Salve" Barry/Hal JLA Year One (NC-17 and one of my favorites)
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Upcoming Workshop: Dinah Lance (Black Canary) by Merfilly

This week's workshop is by merfilly and is about Dinah Lance, Black Canary.

If you know anything at all about merfilly, you know how awesome this workshop will be!  She is Dinah to me.

I've boggled entirely at the task of picking which of her awesome Canary stories to feature here, so it's ending up with me selecting a few almost at random!  Not to worry, they're all good.

"A Wedding," which is short and funny and cracked me up a lot.
"In a View Askew," An AU series where Dinah is a prostitute and befriends Roy Harper on the streets.
"Just Because," a Slade/Dinah ficlet.
"Never Forgot," a Valentine's Day story with Dinah and Ollie.

Or you can just follow her tags for all sorts of great stories!