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Upcoming Workshop: Bradygirl_12, "Historical References in Fanfiction"

Our next workshop is by bradygirl_12 and is an exploration of historical references in fanfiction.  Because so many of our iconic figures have been around for fifty years or more, writers have a lot of options for canonical historical settings, and bradygirl_12 is one of the best at using them!

Her essay takes the form of commentary on a series of her stories, called "Time and Place," which is a Superman/Batman story set in four different decades.  Therefore I'll link up the originals so you can read them in advance:

Time and Place 1:  The Golden Age (G)
Time and Place 2:  The Silver Age (PG)
Time and Place 3:  The Bronze Age (R)
Time and Place 4:  The Modern Era (PG)

They're fun to read and do a great job of evoking different times in the past, so give them a look!