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Horny Devil

Talk Dirty to Me

I’m going to start off by warning all of you that I am very crude in my language and this isn’t PC in any way at all. I’m not a PC sorta guy~ I write very graphic, detailed sex scenes, and the only way ‘Lucifer’ and ‘shame’ can be in a grammatically correct sentence is if ‘has no’ is between them. My Bestie Without Testies also recommended I give a disclaimer to my tendency to be a bit mean and bitchy.

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superman--batman (clasp)

The World's Finest (Introduction To Superman/Batman)





Superman/Batman (Clark/Bruce) is arguably the most popular m/m slash pairing in DC Comics fandom. They are two of DC’s most popular heroes and enjoy a rich history together, which will help explain their appeal as a slash couple.

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Sex as War, War as Sex: Writing Action in the Bedroom and Beyond

Many thanks to Mithen for allowing me to talk to you about one of my favorite things to write in the whole world!

One of my favorite things to write is action, dramatic events, exciting developments and the big moments that everyone remembers for ages. It's exciting to portray those huge events in ways that paint pictures in people's heads and very satisfying when a reader tells me that they enjoyed it, that it was like watching a movie.

Of course, big battles are not the only sort of action. There are also sexy moments ranging from tension-filled UST to out and out porn. I enjoy writing sex too, quite a lot. What might surprise people is that I write sexy moments in much the same way that I write huge battle scenes. I've worked out a method that I find highly effective for my writing, which I hope will be helpful for you too.

Sex and combat are two forms of interaction between individuals that are driven by emotional needs and physical action. Most of the time the line between making war and making love is very thin indeed, which is great fun to play with. Making sure that a sex scene is clear and has an impact is no different than making a battle clear, at least in methodology.

This is what I do to make sure my sex scenes are clear, have impact and contribute to the story:
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Discussion: Tell Me That You Love Me

I've been thinking a lot lately about how we show that characters love one another. I find that love is one of the hardest things to write, because it runs up so hard against "show, don't tell". Sometimes it's appropriate for the characters to say (or think) "I love you" or "You'll always be my Clone Boy", but mostly it's not. Mostly that's superfluous at best.

This is true of any kind of love, not just romantic. How do you show familial love? How do you show friendship so deep that love is the only word for it?

Sometimes comics makes it easy. Obviously saving each others' lives is a great demonstrator of feelings. It's not like we need to be told that Batman and Robin would die for each other, or Superman and Wonder Woman, or [insert names here].

Batman must die!

But what happens when you can't rely on deadly peril to make the point for you? Few of us face so much deadly peril in our day-to-day lives. How do you demonstrate love?

I got started thinking about this when I read a fic in a different fandom that tried to demonstrate love through a break-up. Character A walked out, and Character B completely fell apart. And I mean completely. Stopped eating, stopped sleeping, the works. And I believe that this was meant to demonstrate love. But it didn't read as love to me. It read as need. Which is a different animal entirely.

I suppose it depends a lot on your definition of love. My favorite working definition is one I nicked from Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land:
'Love' is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

Hug time!

Happily, this kind of love happens to be ridiculously easy to demonstrate in fiction, especially if you choose the right POV.

(Of course there is another, broader definition of the word that encompasses spite and vanity and revenge. Under that definition, even the Joker is usually motivated by love—love of life or love of death, if nothing else.)

How about you all? How do you define love, and how do you write it?
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Genre/Plot Device Essays: Topic and Author Suggestions?

As we head into the summer, I'm starting to think about asking for essays on certain genres and plot devices.  What are some of the conventions and storytelling devices that occur often in superhero fiction, what's the appeal of writing them, and what tips can people give on writing them?

I've already got people at least tentatively lined up for Writing Deathfic (arch_schatten), Writing Mpreg (sasha_anu) and Writing AUs (bradygirl_12).  I'm thinking about writing an essay on Writing Sex Pollen, myself.

So my questions are:

1.  What conventions/genres/plot devices would you like to see explored?  It can be something you love and want to talk more about, or something you just don't get and want to hear the reasons why other people love to write it.

2.  Who would you like to see write certain topics?  You can volunteer people you think write it well, or you can volunteer to write about something you love--it doesn't require a deep technical knowledge, just a willingness to talk about why you love something, how you approach it, and what you like to do with it.

Possible topics so far:  Sex-change stories, time-travel stories, angst, PWPs, kidfic (stories set when the characters are children), memory-loss stories...

What else really floats your boat or totally mystifies you?  Inquiring minds want to know!