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Workshop: "Writing Tim Drake (Robin III)" by Darkdanc3r

From the moment we are introduced to Timothy Drake in Batman #436 as part of a flashback Tim Drake has been losing people. Over the course of years, Tim’s character goes through a series of obvious personality changes. For the most part these changes are not all that big, but they do have subtle effects on his character. Sadly, by the time we reach current canon, Tim’s life has reached a definite – and very depressing – theme.

Welcome to my world

Where everyone I ever need always ends up leaving me alone.

Another lesson burned

And I’m drowning in the ashes



Welcome to my world

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Upcoming Workshop: "Writing Tim Drake (Robin III)" by Darkdanc3r

I suppose it's pointless to say one Robin is more interesting than the others, since they're all fascinating and different, but I do have a special place in my heart for Tim Drake, the Robin who volunteered, the Robin who's lost so very much since becoming Robin.

darkdanc3r has offered to write us an essay about Tim!  A few of her stories to illuminate her take on the character before her essay appears:

"He Talks to Himself, But He's Talking to You" (G)
"Distractions," (NC-17, Tim/Kon)
"Heat on the Airwaves" (NC-17, Tim/Kon)
"In the Candle's Light" (PG)

Enjoy and check out the essay later!
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Upcoming Workshop: "Writing Tim Drake/Rose Wilson" by Darkdanc3r

We haven't seen many workshops focusing on characters or pairings from the current Teen Titans team, and it's time to fix that!

This week we have darkdanc3r explaining the dynamics behind the Tim Drake/Rose Wilson pairing.  Given that Tim is the current Robin and Rose is the daughter of one of the Titans' deadliest foes--working now on the good side--it's a fraught relationship!

darkdanc3r's essay does a great job of approaching the pairing and explaining the dynamics that underlie it, the different angles that one could use to write it.  I think every pairing has a variety of different such "angles" (I think we all know the odd little jarring feeling when we come across a writer who writes a pairing we love, but from a very different angle) and it's fun to watch her unravel the way this one works.

To sample her Tim/Rose, probably the best place to go is her series "The Love Around You" (ranging from PG to NC-17).  It starts with "Absence of Thought" (NC-17), which features some very nice sparring and sparring-sex.  Yummy.  :)