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Workshop: Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon by Kayim

This week's workshop is by kayim (Kim), and is on the relationship between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon--one of the more convoluted and complicated DC relationships out there.  Here, Kim analyzes how the relationship has developed and how it stands within modern canon...and she has lots of pretty pictures to go with her analysis!  Check it out!

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Batarang TDK
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Tuesday Open Thread: Oracle Hotline


I'm hoping to have a few open threads each week to prompt some discussion but keep it more clumped up than in individual posts.  I'm not sure it'll work, particularly (*coughs*), but decided this would be a good time to give it a try.

So the Oracle thread is a Q&A thread--both for technical questions you can't find in Wikipedia (for example, "How do you think Alfred would get along with Kilowog in a Batman/Kilowog fic?")--

*collects herself*

That is not to be taken as a challenge to write said fic, by the way.  That's a different thread.

Or questions about writing issues, like "What do you do to get ready to write?  Do you write in large chunks or short bursts?"  Things that you'd like to know about how other people go about the process.

As a discussion, it'll probably work best if people use the handy "track" feature so you can see new questions and comments and jump in where you like.  I'm pretty sure the comm won't be so busy people will get swamped by the thread.

I have some questions I'm hoping to ask.  However, like a bat, I sleep through the U.S. daytime, so I'm off to bed after posting this.  :)