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Workshop: "Writing Harley/Ivy" by Allaine77

I started writing Harley/Ivy in early 2002, so that would make this my sixth year of writing fanfics for what seems to be my "OTP". They've appeared together in one-shots, multichapter fics, Elseworlds, crossovers, and songfics. They've tangled with characters as diverse as Kim Possible, Demona, and Sheriff Ida Red.

The reason I initially got into the pairing was that despite their popularity, I was finding it extremely difficult locating fanfics devoted to them. I don't mean to sound like there aren't other authors writing for them. There are, and I can give recommendations if you like. But I think it's fair to claim that my body of work exceeds that of anyone else. As I don't expect to be writing fanfics after 2007, my goal with this seminar is to inspire other writers to carry on the tradition.

While this is primarily a discussion of the Harley/Ivy pairing, by necessity it will go into a lot of detail - both facts and my personal impressions - about the two individual characters as well. Also, as the Harley/Ivy friendship (not to mention Harley Quinn herself) first began in Batman: the Animated Series, this seminar will be heavily influenced by animated continuity, as well as various comic book appearances such as the Harley & Ivy three-part miniseries, the various B:tAS comic books like Gotham Adventures, and the short-lived Harley Quinn title.

Two things which will NOT be discussed in this seminar are the current animated series on WB, and post-Identity Crisis DC Comics, including 52 and OYL. I don't watch "The Batman", and DC Comics has chased me away for good in the past couple years, so I'm not qualified to discuss any developments in those two areas. You are, of course, free to take what's been discussed here and apply it to any of that material yourself. :)

Sincerely, Allaine


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Upcoming Workshop: Writing Harley/Ivy by Allaine77

Our first female/female pairing workshop--also the first to feature villains--is by allaine77, who's been writing Harley/Ivy for six years!  It's a...complicated relationship, and the essay does a great job of exploring the fun of writing crazy murderous girls in relationships.  :)

A few Harley/Ivy stories to whet your appetite:

Puppet Mistress (PG-13).  Some impressive h/c and a scary-as-anything Joker.  Brrr.
A Lily for Harley (PG-13).  This is a beautiful story--sad and complicated, with lots of twists.
Let's Spend the Night Together (PG-13).  Hot and adorable!