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Upcoming Workshop: "Giving and Receiving Feedback"by 1-900-mimicry

A/K/A "The Care and Feeding of your Favorite Authors."

1_900_mimicry is one of those people you just love to get a little notice that you've received feedback from.  You rub your hands with glee, because she always finds something interesting or insightful to say about your story...and sometimes she manages to make your story seem more insightful than it was, which is always a treat! 

She'll be walking us through a discussion of feedback...the bane and boon of a writer's existence.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I have a love/hate relationship with feedback...I love getting it and I hate that I love getting it so much.  :)  So this will be a good chance for us to talk about what kind of feedback we like to give and get, and I think it could be quite interesting indeed!

I suppose I should link to examples of her excellent feedback as a preview, but I'd rather point you to some more of her great fic, like:

There are Shadows
(Jason/Tim, Bruce/Jason implied, with a wonderfully creepy pre-Robin!Tim!)
Alive (Stephanie Brown)
Once and Forever (Stephanie Brown, Jason Todd)

Yes, she's one of those Even Robin Writers I envy so much for their ability to take those wonderful, abrasive, full-of-life (yes, that's ironic) characters and make them live again on the page.  She also has some fascinating meta about the even Robins in her response to my interview of her a while back.