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Superhero Muses

A Fanfiction Writing Community

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Welcome to Superhero Muses! This is a community for writers of fanfiction about superheroes (and villains) in all their forms: comic books, movies, television shows, the works.

Most of our members are DC fans, but all are welcome--just understand that most of the examples and discussion are likely to revolve around DC and DC-related media.

For an excellent community to discuss the art and craft of writing and receive good constructive criticism for your fanfiction, I'll point you down the hall to fanficpen. Although we'll discuss some of those issues as well, the tone here is more of a support group to discuss the process of writing: inspiration, mental blocks, different approaches to characters, and such.

Every week we run a "workshop" about some aspect of writing fanfiction about superheroes (although a lot of the topics are applicable to all fiction). The workshop leaders are writers and fans who love the topic or character they're writing about, but their advice isn't to be taken as definitive, just as a starting point for discussion.

There will also be open threads for discussion, questions, sharing ideas, etc. If you're interested in being part of the discussion, it would be a good idea to track the discussion so you can see new comments easily without having to come back and check.

All pairings, all genres, and all styles of writing are welcome here. Slash, gen, and het will be discussed, and no turf battles about these issues will be tolerated. If Nightwing/Robin grosses you out, or if Wonder Woman/Superman makes you yawn, just skip that discussion and let people who enjoy it discuss what they love about it. Be respectful of other people's styles and muses and we'll all get along.

A community like this works best if people all join in the conversation, but lurking is not a problem--we all have to start somewhere, right?

This is not an adult community, but writing about sex is part of writing fanfiction for many writers, so many discussions will have conversation of an adult nature. Superhero Muses urges minors to be cautious in approaching such threads and to stay out of threads that will clearly be discussing sex.

If you love writing, or superheroes, or both--welcome! Pull up a chair, have some lemonade, and be nice to the other community members, for they love their craft as much as you do.

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