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Upcoming Workshop: Writing Roy Harper (Speedy, Arsenal, Red Arrow), by Ilyena_Sylph

Dick Grayson/Roy Harper is one of the most popular slash pairings in the DCU, and most people know Dick's backstory and personality quite well, but Roy's a rather less-known character, despite being on the JLA now.  So here to walk us through his history and personality this week is ilyena_sylph, who writes him often and well.

A shamefully tiny sampling of her stories featuring Roy include:
"One of Those Nights," (Dick/Roy, NC-17, BDSM themes)
"How Do You Numb Your Skin," (Dick/Roy, PG)
"Anticipation," (Dick/Roy, early Teen Titans-era, NC-17)
"Chocolate-Covered..." (Dick/Roy, NC-17)
"Snapshots," (co-written with merfilly, Roy deals with the news of Bart Allen's death, PG-13)

Check them out and tune in later!
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