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Open Thread: Oracle Hotline

What has your favorite scene in your current WiP been?

I started writing, and it went surprisingly smoothly, considering I'm writing in a setting I've never done before, with characters I've never written before! I had one of those delightful moments where by writing the character I suddenly realized what her motivation was, and what the overall arc of the story was. But my favorite scene at the moment is the one I'm currently in the middle of writing, where she meets a group--well, kind of a cult, but a very cheerful cult--that travels around the apocalyptic wasteland in a dilapidated Winnebago, collecting toys and souvenirs of the World Before, so the inside of the RV is just floor-to-ceiling broken old Disney toys and superhero merch.

I hope whatever you're writing or have just finished writing is your favorite scene in progress this week!

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