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Open Thread: Oracle Hotline

Which scene in your current WiP has been hardest to write so far?

Um, none, because I'm still prepping to start, lol.  The prep has taken the form of watching (for the first time!) Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome for the fusion I'm writing.  It was... a very weird movie (some of the pacing choices and the music... I don't know if they're just very dated or if they were weird at the time, to be honest) but since the characters I'm going to write are deliberately referencing it (they're pro wrestlers whose characters are very much Wild Post-Apocalyptic Road Warriors) I found a lot I can work with!  It helps that during the pandemic the biggest company has been holding matches in something they literally call the Thunderdome, which is an arena lined with television screens showing fans around the world.  It wasn't until I watched the movie that I went "OH, this is really LITERALLY supposed to look like the Thunderdome, with the way the audience crawls up the cage to peer through the bars."

I hope no scenes have been too hard for all of you to write!

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