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Open Thread: Oracle Hotline

How has the idea of your current WiP changed between starting it and where it is now?

Hmmm, it was originally going to be a gender-swapped version of Clark and Bruce meeting on the cruise ship, following the template of the original World's Finest plot, but as I wrote it I started to realize that the original Golden Age plot, well... it kind of sucked. It was this kind of random slipshod mystery with a diamond thief that didn't give the characters any way to shine, so I switched it to the more bonkers rebooted version from 2007 or so where Superman and Batman's alternate-world dopplegangers show up. That was a lot more fun to write!

Sadly, the last couple of times I've sat down to work on it, I've re-read the whole thing, tweaked a few lines, and then added one more sentence and kind of stared blankly. I know that the problem is that I want to fade the sex scene to black, but I feel a little worried people will be annoyed I skipped it, but... I'm just not in a place where I feel like writing much explicit sex. I know that means I've got to skip it (no fun in a sex scene written out of obligation!) but I keep getting jammed up there anyway. For next week I'm going to try and just jump into it and write out the ending, and if my beta says the sex is necessary I'll go back and write it!

How is your WiP evolving at the moment!

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