August 6th, 2021

  • mithen

Open Thread: Oracle Hotline

--what genre is your current WiP in?

Oh, well, that's easy--Mad Max-style apocalyptic wasteland! I'm done with the battle scene and just need to write the denouement, which I think I'll get to today. Which is good because it's due the 9th! And I'd be willing to write up to the wire a little more, but I get my second vaccine shot the 8th (yay!) and am unwilling to risk being too sick to get it finished up. By next week I'll either be working on some treats or will be back to my more usual fare!

How about you, what genres are you dabbling in right now? It's unusual I'm not writing romance--this story has a romance between secondary characters in it, but it's most definitely not a romance itself...