July 30th, 2021

  • mithen

Open Thread: Oracle Hotline

Is your current WiP part of a series or standalone?

Mine's a standalone (exchange fic and all, and also I don't think I could maintain a Mad Max AU for very long!) I have gotten zero work done on it this week because it was the last week of classes so... whew, so busy. On the plus side, canon just aligned itself to me, muaha! I'm writing about a found family of individuals (in wrestling, a faction or stable) and the young woman of the group has fallen in love with an outsider in canon. I've been planning on writing the ending of my AU so that the outsider joins them as they set out to wander the Mad Max desert once more, and just last week in canon a member of the faction left and it looks like the love interest is going to take his place! It's like a strange magical anti-Jossing and I'm delighted. Now I just need to... finish the fic. How does your WiP fare this week?