April 23rd, 2021

  • mithen

Open Thread: Oracle Hotline

My nonfiction piece got published, I'm so delighted! And another is almost ready to go for another outlet! I definitely couldn't stand the stress of freelance writing being my regular income, but it's been an interesting (in a good way) experience.

I was actually re-reading some of my fic last night--I don't tend to re-visit my work at all once I've posted it, but now and then when I get a kudos or a nice comment I'll go back and re-read. Usually it's a pleasure--I'd forgotten how dark and bleak my stories had gotten after a major character ship for one member of my OTP, but they're still good stories. And then there are the stories that have become dated--I wrote a few stories enjoying the angst of the fact that Clark and Bruce couldn't have a legal wedding in 2007 and now they seem like quaint relics, which is a special kind of happiness to re-read.

When was the last time you re-read completed work of yours, and what did you discover when you did?