March 1st, 2009

  • mithen

Volunteer signup!

Okay, Superhero Muses is re-open for business and signups!  I'm checking for volunteers for one or both of two things:

1.  Character and Pairing "manifestos"--summaries of why you love a certain character or pairing and why they're fun to write.  Feel free to write your own take on a pairing if it's been over a year since the last one--check the memories to see how long it's been since your favorites have shown up!

ETA:  I forgot about meta-posts about the process of writing in general, too!  I love those, so let me know if you want to write something about writing at the more technical level as well...

2.  Story Process Essays:  An essay where you take us through the story of how you wrote a story.  Not a DVD commentary, although obviously a link to the story in question is a good idea.  It should probably be written, however, so a person who didn't read the story can still follow more or less what you're talking about.  I'll make up some general guidelines on this, but I'm thinking of questions like:
Where did the idea come from?
Why did you write it, what was your goal?
What parts did you write in what order?
What problems did you run into, and how did you get through them?
(What other questions would you enjoy seeing writers talk about?)

You can pick any story (obviously I would prefer it be a superhero-based story!).  If you can't decide, a poll on your web page with a few choices might help you narrow it down!

Comment to volunteer!  Please include:

Essay Type:  Character/Pairing (and which one) and/or Story Process
Date:  Give me a few of the dates below that might work for you, I'll fill them in on a pretty-much first come first served basis.

March 16: icarus_chained --Writing Process essay on "Steampunk"
March 23:  sabinelagrande --Writing Process essay
March 30:  damos  on the betaing process
April 6:  Writing Workshop Test Run  :)
April 13:  adarkerknight --Writing Process essay
April 20: ladymordecai  on Barbara/Ted/Booster
April 27:  saavikam77 --Writing Process essay on "The Lost Years."
May 4:  ladyoneill --Writing Process essay
May 11:  dunmurderin  on Sabretooth/Wild Child
May 18:  bradygirl_12 --Writing Process essay
May 25: not_from_stars --Kitty Pryde essay