August 25th, 2008

Book and Rose
  • jij

Workshop: "He's Got Issues: Writing Magneto" by Kiplingkat7

This week's workshop is by kiplingkat7, and is an in-depth look at the character of Magneto in the Marvel 616 Universe.  The essay was originally posted at, and can be read there along with some other excellent essays about the character.


He's Got Issues: A Dime Store Psychology Look at the Character of Magneto in the 616

Everyone knows that Magneto went through the Holocaust. What most people do not understand is how that experience drives him or what the other emotional twists in his psyche are. Most assume Holocaust = “angry vengeance-driven Magneto” and leave it at that. Yet over his forty-plus year history, we have seen many sides to the character, and many clues that rage is only part of the forces that drive Magneto both forward and backward.

Trying to account for all the characterizations of a comic book character over forty-odd years is a challenge. Every writer that has written the character has his or her own take, and in the case of Magneto, sometimes those “takes” are extremely different from one another. However, it is possible to synthesize single picture of the man by incorporating all these disparate portrayals.


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