March 29th, 2008

Orange Sky Superman
  • jij

Workshop Volunteers Needed

It's that time of year again, when the blank spaces on the schedule are starting to loom far too close and I go out questing for fresh blood new workshops!

Comment below with anything you'd enjoy writing a workshop about.  Some of the general options:

1.  Character.  An in-depth analysis of a character's history and background, with a focus on why you love them and how you write them.
2.  Pairing.  The same thing for a pairing, from canon to subtextual to pure crack.
3.  Team.  A description of a team--usually at a specific period of time, since the dynamics on a team are so much more complicated than a pairing or character.  Some really important teams--the JLI, Young Justice, Teen Titans and New Teen Titans, for example--are still ungrabbed!
4.  Meta.  Anything at all about the craft of writing--analysis of genres, common difficulties when writing, specific challenges, anything you like to talk about.

I'd like to add some Marvel pairings and characters as well, so if there are Marvel writers out there or if you know any to ask them (I'm rather looking at htbthomas for something about Spiderman/MJ, perhaps!  Oh, the complicated explanation THAT would be...) please step up!  I also would love to have essays about some of the lesser-known characters out there, so if you have a soft spot for Etta Candy, or G'nort, or Jason Blood or The Brain/Mallah...let me know!  I also don't mind essays on characters and pairings that have already been done, since everyone has a slightly different take on them.  In short, let me know what gets your muses jazzed!