November 26th, 2007

Batarang TDK
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Workshop: "Writing Roy Harper (Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow)" by Ilyena_Sylph

Sidekick. Troublemaker. Titan, Teen and otherwise. Junkie. Hero. Screw-up. Devoted father. Worthless. Best friend.

All things Roy Harper has been called, or called himself. Interesting list, isn't it?

The guy that was Speedy, then Arsenal, and in current continuity has taken up the name Red Arrow has enough history to confuse anyone, but I'll do my best to give as clear a run-down as is possible of the things that make (at least my) Roy Harper tick. I'll probably start giving fewer details as my retelling gets closer to current events.

There's a major problem with any character that's been around as long as Roy has (okay, two. *ignores the aging thing for the moment*), and it's that their early history is Pre-"Crisis on Infinite Earths"... which for all practical purposes means that it doesn't "really" exist, not in proper continuity. Which might not be such a horrible thing, given the sheer levels of silliness in a lot of those 40s-60s comics.

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