March 25th, 2007

Batarang TDK
  • jij

Upcoming Workshop: Co-Writing with Merfilly and Ilyena_Sylph!

I tried co-writing an academic essay with my husband once and it was about the closest we ever came to divorce, so I'm in constant amazement of people who co-write!

One of the coolest co-writing teams I know is merfilly and ilyena_sylph, and tomorrow I'm going to post an essay of theirs about how they approach co-writing.  It's an excellent and interesting read!

Filly and Yena co-write a variety of amazing things, but perhaps they're best known for A Darker Path and Happyverse, which are also very different series in terms of tone, so it really shows off their range as well.

I asked Yena and Filly what they personally thought were particularly good examples of their co-writing, and they suggested the following:

A couple of excellent introductions to "A Darker Path":
Nightmares and Pancakes
Fractured Lines

In Happyverse:
Joyful and Triumphant
Cupid Drew Back his Bow
Also in Happyverse, I'm going to add:
An Arrow, A Bat, and a Bird, simply because I like to pimp Happyverse's awesome threesome scenes whenever possible.  (NC-17, Bruce/Ollie/Dinah)

See you tomorrow!