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Superhero Muses




August 16th, 2018

I'm traveling in the US but found the space to post a bit, yay! Not so much to write, but that's okay...

--Why does the protagonist of your current WiP pull at your heartstrings?

Oh, my current protagonist is a vampire, reluctantly turned, who feels like he's terribly weak because he can't go longer than nine months or so without drinking blood. But he's about to find out that almost no vampires can go more than three months without blood and so actually he's incredibly strong-willed and didn't even know it! (I am always a sucker for a good guilt-ridden vampire!)

How about you? Tell me about your most recent protagonist and why they're appealing...

August 3rd, 2018

Moving back to WiP-related questions for now, this week I'm just going to ask what you're working on and how it's going!

I'm still having fun with my iddy vampire fic (I finished a chapter and when I feel a little more caught up on things I hope to post it!) and am starting to write a treat for an exchange that's basically a scene with a character visiting his enemy in the hospital and being a little nicer than you might expect. (Confession: this is a treat for someone that I wrote the main gift for, and I kind of feel like the gift is inadequate, so I wanted to give a little something extra as a semi-apology...)

What's getting your attention right now?

July 27th, 2018

--Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

I find this question fascinating because it's meant for pro authors and, to me, really illustrates one of they differences between that and fanfic, because "reviews" (comments) are basically the only "pay" fanfic writers get! Of course I read each one and treasure the good ones. I also agonize way more than I should over bad ones, to be honest. But good-bad reviews can be really useful--I mean, thoughtful ones that actually raise issues, not "I don't like A/B and you should write A/C" or my favorite negative comment I've ever gotten, "When are A and B ever going to kiss??" (they'd already kissed twice in the series). Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between feedback that will make your writing better and feedback that just wants to make you feel bad, I think...

July 20th, 2018

--Do you hide any secrets in your stories that only a few people will find?

These are questions for pro writers (of which some of you are!) but I think it also works for fic writing as well: that is, do you put in Easter Eggs or odd little things that not many people--maybe no one--will get? I don't ALWAYS do it, but I often will have cameos or references that are mostly there for my pleasure and I don't expect anyone to spot--though it's bonus if they do. :)

I'm writing exchange fics at the moment, which is fun and forces me out of my comfort zone. Not gonna lie, it also is very pragmatic, as it helps me connect with people who might not have read my work otherwise, you know? Maybe I can tempt some people into reading my more OTP-focused stories if I write something for a pairing they love. It's also really well-timed because it has energized me about the canon at a time when there's very little energy in it for me (my favorite is out with an injury and the rest of 2018 is a barren wasteland devoid of sunlight or OTP-moments...) If I write other characters and pairings I'm more likely to find joy in other parts of canon, which is a very good idea.

How is everything for you? What secrets are you hiding or revealing?

July 13th, 2018

Hi everyone! The last two weeks fell into a hole due to a kidney stone attack with my husband--emergency rooms, CAT scans, the works. He's okay now but dealing with it in a foreign country was... well, a lot cheaper than in the US, without a doubt, so I'm not complaining, but it was scary!

--How many hours a day do you write?

This is a very different question for a professional versus an amateur writer! I try to get 30 minutes to a half hour in every day no matter what, though lately that's been difficult. That's not a lot of headway, but I'm dedicating the next few weeks to writing some exchange fic, something I haven't been doing as often as I'd like! I hope things are going well for you!

June 29th, 2018

--What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

I freaking love research. I basically let whatever fic I'm writing determine my current reading list so I'm always absorbing more information from various tangents from fandom. I ended up in an entirely different fandom because I was doing research for an AU, so that can be dangerous! But right now I'm reading up on the history of Quebec during WWI (it's fraught! Apparently there were a lot of Francophone draft dodgers!) and loving it... oh, and reading Japanese boy's love vampire manga to steal me some tropes. I'm a vacuum cleaner when it comes to research...

June 22nd, 2018

--What does writing success look like to you?

I really like this question! I have a fair amount of sheerly material ways I decide if something I write has been "successful"--in the little, scattered fandom I'm currently in, I fret a bit if my fic gets less than five comments, for example. I also will sometimes check my kudos-to-hits ratio, which I like to be above 15%. There are a couple of readers, like my husband, that if I can get the desired response from them, I feel like I've achieved my goals even if the story doesn't do well in the AO3 stats area, you know? But the most important measure is my own personal satisfaction, and as long as I enjoyed myself writing it, that's what counts the most for me.

June 15th, 2018

--How many unfinished works do you have going right now?

*pokes around Google Docs*

Looks like three: a vampire fic, a semi-nonfiction history of a semi-fictional character, and a three-person celebratory sex scene with a fourth person watching (consensually all around).

I'm starting to poke at the idea of a "pretend relationship" story where Clark and Bruce have to pretend to be newlyweds in the suburbs, but I have yet to be able to put together a plot framework for that yet, so it's still languishing a bit.

Really, nothing's happening elsewhere in my head until I finish up the second piece, the history. And then I'm going to need a couple of days to just cry. 50,000 words, two years, a staggering amount of research--I'm as proud of it as I am of my doctoral thesis. Maybe more so, because there's so much more of me in it. It's going to take a little while to recover from that.

I hope your writing is going well, that you're having fun, and that all your WiPs are inspiring!

June 8th, 2018

--If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
Oh, I like this question!  Also, I have no idea!  I think a lot of it would be simple pragmatic stuff--no, really, you don't need epithets, and you can probably trim most of those adverbs and italics as well.  On the other hand, I didn't follow that advice then from better writers than myself, so I would be unlikely to follow it from myself!  Also, I had fun and weaned myself off them on my own, which is probably better anyway.  (Okay, I did not wean myself off italics and adverbs entirely.  I love them too much).
How is writing going for you?  I signed up for an exchange, which I haven't done for... over a year now?  Luckily the person I matched with has multiple (oooh, italics again) prompts I would be happy to write, so I'm waiting for tomorrow's latest canon installment to get me jump-started.  I hope everything's going smoothly and well with you!

June 1st, 2018

--Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

This question on the list made me laugh and I couldn't resist putting it here, because I have zero interest in being original! But at the same time I don't particularly worry about giving readers what they want? The big advantage of fanfic for me is that I don't have to focus on either of those things, I can write whatever cliched trope I enjoy. For me the challenge is seeing if I can execute a cliche in a way that's fun to write and also fun to read.

And I'm having a lot of fun with vampire fic right now, and also with the nonfiction! The nonfiction is an interesting case because I'm writing up a history of my two favorite wrestlers (and have been for more than a year now) and it's clear that fanfic has really been excellent preparation for it? A lot of the (non-slash, of course) ideas and emotions I explored in fic about them have slipped into the history at some level and made it a lot stronger, I think. I only have one more essay to go in it and I am suffering horrible separation anxiety, I have to confess! It's been such a fun project, my faves have gotten a lot of pleasure from it, and I am not sure what I'm going to do with myself when it's done.
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