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Superhero Muses




May 24th, 2019

--what’s the hottest fic you have written and/or posted if you write smut at all?

I write smut, though I'm not sure of its hotness level! I generally most prefer to write very intense foreplay and then fade to black, which doesn't work for a lot of readers, but I often find the actual intercourse a bit... anticlimactic, ironically.

I'm starting a fic featuring hair-washing--a trope that I love but don't write often! A character is dying his hair and asks for some help from his friend, and it leads to lots of talking about changing who you are and their paths for the future (and hopefully some kissing as well, we'll see how they feel about it). How's your writing going this week?

May 17th, 2019

--a fic you have regretted posting?

Uhhhh. Huh. Very early in my writing career I wasn't savvy on basic norms and I wrote a fic with some pretty harrowing rape in it as a "gift" for a friend. Another time I gave the "gift" of a fic with unrequited love between her OTP to a friend for her birthday. Majorly boneheaded moves that I really regret, even 12 years later. I don't regret the stories per se, but I regret somehow thinking they could be considered a gift in any way...

I got some writing done this week! Somehow I have picked up a smutty plot bunny, at a time when it's very difficult for me to write smut. Ah well, we'll see how it goes. I hope you're inspired and doing well!

May 10th, 2019

--have you ever written and/or posted a crackfic?

I don't know quite what the term means, to be honest? I know it's supposed to be "implausible situations that are OOC," but I kind of like tackling absurd premises (Clark and Bruce write romance novels in their spare time!) and making them actually mostly work, so... yes and no, I guess?

I wrote a short reflective piece for an exchange this week, with a POV character I've never written before, so that was fun. It won't go live for a month or so, so I'm likely to just totally forget about it by then! Other than that, not much writing at all this week. Maybe next week! How about you, what's getting your gears going this week?

May 3rd, 2019

--do you listen to music whilst writing?

I often do--if I'm really caught up in a story and it's a longer piece, I usually have a playlist that fits the mood of the piece and I like to play it while writing. When I was writing Tolkien-based fic, I had literal soundtracks that went with it (upon reflection, I do with superheroes and with wrestlers, too! Huh).

This was a holiday week here in Japan, though I mostly had to spend it cleaning and playing catch-up on work, of course. But I did get a fic posted and also worked heavily on the nonfiction (I am just going to start treating Twitter as nonfiction writing, so I don't get discouraged that I'm spending so much time on tweets!) I hope you're working on things that make you happy and fulfilled!

April 26th, 2019

Project: Literal Self-Insert Fic is coming along (terrifyingly) swimmingly, as this week I wrote a long Twitter thread about how the fans are going to need to save Sami's soul, and Sami liked it. Then someone made art of him based on the thread, and he also liked that. All while posting long bitter screeds on Twitter about how he hates all of his fans and how miserable he is. What the actual fuck. This is scary new horizons in fanfic, friends.

--have you ever written a holiday-centric fic?

SO MANY, because of Superman/Batman Holiday Exchange we used to have on LJ. Enough of the requests were for holiday-themed fic that I've got quite a few: Batman and Superman escaping a holiday party together, Clark playing Krampus in a holiday parade, Dick and Damian trying to chase down Jason on Christmas Eve. They're fun to write!

I hope your writing is going well and your fiction is not terrifyingly bleeding into reality (unless that's what you want!)

April 19th, 2019

--What was the first fic you posted this year?

It was the concluding chapters of my vampire story! I still have not found the time to post the story I finished last week... and checking for this week's question informs me that I've posted two stories this year. D: I'm not happy about that at all...

I am doing better with my non-fiction essays! Both of the wrestlers involved liked the tweet promoting the latest chapter of their history. And weirdly, I am... maybe... co-writing a story with one of them? Okayyyyy, it's hard to explain, I'm going to indulge myself here and try.

There's a story going on with my favorite wrestler where he's despaired of the world and he hates the fans now, refusing to listen to his theme song or feel any joy. I've been making gifs of his little character moments and arguing that we, the fans, should be singing his music more loudly to try and reach him. He has then acted in ways that almost feel like he's responding to my analysis? Kind of like we're having an argument ("Sing louder!"/"That isn't going to work, I'll just make fun of them for being gullible fools. Your move.") I'd say that's nuts but I have gotten, in the past, private messages from his best friend and co-worker saying he reads my stuff and admires it, so... maybe? IT'S REALLY WEIRD.

So maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself for not having written much this year. Maybe I'm involved in some weird collaborative fic-writing with a character from my canon. Maybe I'm making myself into a character in this canon. It's kind of unnerving but exciting at the same time.

I hope your adventures in writing are as exciting but less unnerving!

April 12th, 2019

--What wip do you plan on posting next, if at all?

That's easy, the story I just finished this week, yayyyyy! For some reason I never checked the word count as I was writing, and when I finally finished I was like "This is probably about 5,000 words," and it's 11,000, much to my surprise. I'm very happy with it! Also, my favorite wrestler in the world is back in action this week after an agonizing ten month hiatus due to double shoulder surgery, so even though his character is miserable and hates the world, the fans, and himself, I am very happy. I feel like there's a plan to shift his character back to the positive, and so I'm feeling very hopeful. I hope you've had a good week writing as well!

March 29th, 2019

--What WIP do you plan on posting next, if at all?

I've only got one I'm working on (well, two if you count the nonfiction one, but I'm hoping to finish the fic first). It's Sami and Kevin, indulging my love of identity porn by having Kevin develop a crush on a mysterious masked wrestler and also making friends with Sami Zayn, oblivious to the fact that they're the same person. Identity porn is always one of my favorites to write, so I'm having fun! I hope the writing is going well for you too...

March 22nd, 2019

--how frequently do you take requests or prompts, if at all?

I used to take them much more often, but in the last couple of years I'm lucky if I can finish my own ideas, much less other people's! I'm not short on ideas, just on time...

I did get a little more written this week, though not as much as I'd like. Hoping to put aside an hour or two today to work on both the fic and the non-fiction projects on my plate! Hope everything is going great for you, prompted or unprompted!

March 15th, 2019

--what gets you excited whilst writing?

Oooooh. Dramatic irony. Identity play. Pining. Characters that are oblivious to others and often to themselves as well. Give me those to write and I'll write forever. (Not coincidentally, what I'm working on is chock-full of all of them, so it's been fun). What excites you?
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