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Superhero Muses

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Superhero Muses




March 15th, 2019

--what gets you excited whilst writing?

Oooooh. Dramatic irony. Identity play. Pining. Characters that are oblivious to others and often to themselves as well. Give me those to write and I'll write forever. (Not coincidentally, what I'm working on is chock-full of all of them, so it's been fun). What excites you?

March 8th, 2019

--Have you ever written a high fantasy concept?

I've been on the road so I missed a couple of weeks, but I did get a fair amount of writing done as well! I'm maybe a third of the way done with a story, it's been nice to make some progress.

I loved high fantasy as a kid and consumed reams of it, but I've written very little in high fantasy canons! I have written some Tolkien--and a few AUs that move my preferred characters into a high fantasy setting, which is always fun. I'm a sucker for some magic and lovely clothing...

How about you, what's keeping you busy?

February 15th, 2019

--Name a fic which you have posted which you think is underrated

Ooooh, also tough. I've written some stories that I think have a much higher "cost of admission" and are thus harder to get into--the story based on "Samurai of Steel" that I wrote, for example, kind of needed knowledge of an obscure trade paperback AU and the willingness to read Bruce genderbent, so even though I'm very proud of it, I understand why it didn't have as a large a readership right from the beginning.

I've started a wrestling story with identity porn! I've missed writing secret identity hijinks, one of my favorite things in the superhero genre, and I'm lucky that my wrestling OTP has a person who wrestled under a mask for years, so there's some built-in identity fun. Actually, luck probably has little to do with it, that's probably one of the reasons I was drawn to the pairing to begin with... How about you, what's catching you attention this week?

February 8th, 2019

--Name a fic you have posted which you think is overrated.

Questions meme, why you gotta ask something like this and make me confess that my self-esteem is such that I don't really think this about any of my fics? ;D There are a few stories from wayyyy back that I think the writing is kind of clunky now but luckily for me people are willing to overlook that, in part because the scenario is fun (my first amnesia fic!)

I finished a very short ficlet this week and now I just have to find time to post it! Maybe this weekend. May all your fics err on the side of being overrated rather than underrated!

February 1st, 2019

I found a new list of questions, these about writing in general! So...

Do you struggle with the ‘boring’ parts of writing?

Hm, what are the "boring" parts? I assume the question means the parts that are not personally inspiring/energizing to me, the parts that exist to connect things I AM interested in. Usually no, I don't struggle with them, to be honest! Sometimes it can be hard to get going on them, but once I do, there's usually something I find that sparks my interest and is a pleasure to write!

I am almost done with a small ficlet this week--nothing in-depth, just a little character study to try and get my head around a different character. I've been spending a lot of my days sleeping, shocked at how exhausted I am now that this difficult semester is over. I walked to the coffeeshop for breakfast and had to lie down for a bit when I got back because I was just too beat from the five-minute walk to and fro. I hope you're less tired, or that if you are, you also have some time to recover and recuperate!

January 25th, 2019

I wrote a snippet of fic this week! I'm still working on the PoV character a bit and have been switching back and forth between the good guy and the bad guy in the scene--the bad guy is an unhinged, possibly not-entirely-sane self-righteous crusader, and the hero is a a Superman-style Just a Really Good Guy... which is even harder to write, I think.

How about you? How has your week of writing been?

January 11th, 2019

--What's motivating the POV character of your most recent WiP?

Hmmm, Mustafa wants to win a championship (surface motivations of wrestlers are so easy), but he also wants to make the world a better place and try to find a way to being one of his idols back from the dark mental space he's trapped in. He's got some high goals. I might even get around to actually writing him sometime... but not this week. I did finish the last chapter of my self-indulgent vampire fic, but I haven't posted it yet (in part because some jackass on Twitter with a lot of followers in the fannish community has discovered fanfic and is posting snippets online, fortunately at least not tagging the wrestlers in question... yet. But I'm waiting until they get bored to post the NSFW ending to this fic, even under a lock).

I hope your writing is going well and smoothly, or at least productively!

December 28th, 2018

It's the last open post of the new year! What did you get done in 2018 that you're happy about? What regrets do you have?

I'm most proud of my non-fiction writing this year, which went very well and reached a lot of people in good ways. My fanfic skills have served me in good stead there, as I have a fairly good eye for pulling together hints and implications in the canon and explaining them in ways that have emotional resonance--basically I've been writing a lot of non-fiction fanfic, a paradoxical term.

I'm deeply regretful at how little fiction I've actually written this year, though. I tell myself it's just a different phase of my writing life, but... it's painful, to be so cut off from my fiction writing. Maybe next year I'll be able to turn that around...

December 21st, 2018

My God, I finished the last chapter in an eight-chapter story! It feels so good to wrap something up in a year where I've gotten so little fiction writing done. And I'm going to force myself to write something not Kevin/Sami next because I might need a bit of a break. I kind of wish I could get back into the DC writing, but I'm feeling very emotionally distanced from the canon right now, alas. Maybe because I can't keep up with anything right now...

I love how I depict characters in my latest WiP because…

Well, it's only a glimmer in the fic-writer's eye, but I'm hoping to write about a character who's full of hope and righteousness saving the soul of a character who's fallen into despair and madness. I love writing people who are good--not simple or bland, but people who are focused on making the world better. I can't really write Sami that way right now because his character has been altered so severely recently, but maybe I can have some fun with a different character...

December 14th, 2018

--I love how I describe things when…

Oh, I love describing moments of intense emotion, when I feel a little more free to let my sentences tumble forward a bit breathlessly.

And I did get writing done this week, I'm very happy about that! I finished the emotional climax point of the story and just have to write a denouement sex scene, and I will have this story off my plate. Lesson learned* I am not in a place to write multi-part stories right now. D:

How about you, what are describing that's making you happy as the year winds down?
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