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Superhero Muses




January 11th, 2019

--What's motivating the POV character of your most recent WiP?

Hmmm, Mustafa wants to win a championship (surface motivations of wrestlers are so easy), but he also wants to make the world a better place and try to find a way to being one of his idols back from the dark mental space he's trapped in. He's got some high goals. I might even get around to actually writing him sometime... but not this week. I did finish the last chapter of my self-indulgent vampire fic, but I haven't posted it yet (in part because some jackass on Twitter with a lot of followers in the fannish community has discovered fanfic and is posting snippets online, fortunately at least not tagging the wrestlers in question... yet. But I'm waiting until they get bored to post the NSFW ending to this fic, even under a lock).

I hope your writing is going well and smoothly, or at least productively!

December 28th, 2018

It's the last open post of the new year! What did you get done in 2018 that you're happy about? What regrets do you have?

I'm most proud of my non-fiction writing this year, which went very well and reached a lot of people in good ways. My fanfic skills have served me in good stead there, as I have a fairly good eye for pulling together hints and implications in the canon and explaining them in ways that have emotional resonance--basically I've been writing a lot of non-fiction fanfic, a paradoxical term.

I'm deeply regretful at how little fiction I've actually written this year, though. I tell myself it's just a different phase of my writing life, but... it's painful, to be so cut off from my fiction writing. Maybe next year I'll be able to turn that around...

December 21st, 2018

My God, I finished the last chapter in an eight-chapter story! It feels so good to wrap something up in a year where I've gotten so little fiction writing done. And I'm going to force myself to write something not Kevin/Sami next because I might need a bit of a break. I kind of wish I could get back into the DC writing, but I'm feeling very emotionally distanced from the canon right now, alas. Maybe because I can't keep up with anything right now...

I love how I depict characters in my latest WiP because…

Well, it's only a glimmer in the fic-writer's eye, but I'm hoping to write about a character who's full of hope and righteousness saving the soul of a character who's fallen into despair and madness. I love writing people who are good--not simple or bland, but people who are focused on making the world better. I can't really write Sami that way right now because his character has been altered so severely recently, but maybe I can have some fun with a different character...

December 14th, 2018

--I love how I describe things when…

Oh, I love describing moments of intense emotion, when I feel a little more free to let my sentences tumble forward a bit breathlessly.

And I did get writing done this week, I'm very happy about that! I finished the emotional climax point of the story and just have to write a denouement sex scene, and I will have this story off my plate. Lesson learned* I am not in a place to write multi-part stories right now. D:

How about you, what are describing that's making you happy as the year winds down?

December 7th, 2018

At its best, my current WIP’s dialogue is…

At its best... understatedly romantic, if I'm doing it right? There's a veneer of snark and banter, but a lot of emotions right under the surface. How is the dialogue on your front? What's humming along for you?

November 30th, 2018

--Which characters in your current WiP get along worst?

Haha, oh, probably the two sets of people currently pitted against each other in gladiatorial combat. :) This kind of question is almost always hard for me because my stories tend to be extremely tightly focused on the two main leads, and secondary characters don't tend to get a lot of development, so the leads are the characters that both get along the best and the worst, often at the same time. Which is a decent supplementary question: how big do your casts tend to be in your stories?

November 23rd, 2018

The obvious choice for an open thread on Thanksgiving: what are you grateful for this year?

I'm grateful for words and the ability to put them together in some way that makes sense of the universe--so often I've come to understand the world and myself better only by putting it into words for other people to read. That gives me clarity, and I'm so grateful for that. I'm grateful for lovely supportive people in my life, and for every scrap of precious free time I can scavenge.

I hope there is grace and gratitude in your life, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not!

November 16th, 2018

No fiction writing done again this week--mostly because I've been reading up on creative nonfiction and writing some of it. Working on my hagiography some more! (I would call it history or biography, but since I'm doing it for fun and love it's just an unabashed hagiography).

#13 What’s a message about relationships in your current WiP?

Ooooof, I guess I would say it's something like "love gives you strength to do things you couldn't do alone," but I'm going to confess here that I love writing fic about intensely intertwined relationships that border on co-dependency (or wander right into it) and which I am not at all sure would be a great model for reality. :P Please do not take my florid romances as life advice, readers!

How have things been for you? I hope very productive and happy!

November 8th, 2018

I got some writing done! Not much, but it was good. I am really hoping to get this series completed by the end of the year and maybe even start on a new story? Hopefully not a series, though...

--What was your current WiP's protagonist’s past like?

I have two protagonists, really, but the one whose head I'm in at the moment grew up a fair-skinned, red-headed Muslim in Quebec. He's talked about how he had the experience of standing out and feeling like an outsider within his family community, which I think is a big part of why he grew up to be very reticent and fiercely protective of his privacy--but really gregarious and affectionate once he feels like you're in his inner trusted circle. He's fun to write, basically!

How was your latest protagonist's childhood and how has it affected them?

November 2nd, 2018

I FINISHED A CHAPTER AND POSTED IT. It's the first thing I've completed since August (damn it), so that feels really good. I hope you were even more productive (because honestly, a thousand words in a week is relatively productive for me right now, but not objectively very productive at all).

Share a line about love or hatred from your WiP.

“I’m at a hundred and twenty percent,” Sami said, grinning.

“It’s not possible to be at more than a hundred percent.”

“It is with us,” Sami said simply.
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