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Superhero Muses




February 16th, 2018

--Who depends on your most recent POV character? Why?

Oh, this doesn't work terribly well with Aleister Black, because he's a classic loner with almost no human connections! In the story I'm writing, he's being recruited to join a squad of people who fight the supernatural, and in part he's worried about joining because it would mean caring about people... (which I didn't realize until just this moment, writing this, so that's a really useful insight!)

Fic writing is slow but interesting! Non-fiction writing... I sat down and hashed out the next set of essays and the schedule should give me content and goals until July, so that's both good and a bit daunting... I hope you're being daunted in the best of ways right now!

February 9th, 2018

--What does your most recent POV character resolve to do differently every morning?

Hey, I've finally got a different POV character, since my OTP is in the middle of imploding again and I don't want to write them until I know what their status is! So instead we've got Aleister Black, who's a sort of... heavy metal monk wrestler? He burns a lot of candles and meditates a lot and is badass. I actually believe that every morning he resolves to keep his composure and not give in to his emotions, and he usually succeeds! But he's very hard on himself as well so he always wants to do it better.

I'm so pleased simply because I actually got fiction written! Only a thousand words or so, but it was very satisfying, and I got to write a Cthulhuian horror attempting to manifest in a sports arena in Philadelphia, and you can't say that every week... How about you?

January 26th, 2018

How would a stranger describe your most recent POV character?

Ha! If said stranger just happened to spot Kevin Owens, say, shopping at a Target with his family, they'd say he's an average-looking dude who could stand to lose some weight, not a snappy dresser, his beard could probably use a trim. They'd note that he seemed affectionate with his kids but also seemed to be buying them a bunch of stuff just to prove he was a great dad and provider. They'd probably catch his French accent if he was feeling relaxed. They might notice he looked really tired and has a slight limp if they caught him this weekend...

My joyride of my OTP being friends may be coming to an end Sunday, so I'd better sit down and write something before it does! I'll probably indulge in some angel imagery again for the fun of it... How goes your writing?

January 19th, 2018

--What wakes your most recent POV character in the middle of the night?

Oh, this question makes me realize that I actually used an omniscient POV for my most recent story, so it's unanswerable! The POV is kind of... the people in a town who are about to get fleeced by a group of traveling con men, so I guess what keeps them up at night is the suspicion that maybe, just maybe, those guys weren't all they had appeared to be...

Writing is... slow? At least it's not non-existent? I've got a possibility of an opportunity for getting my non-fiction writing to a larger audience that could be really exciting but also could be really stressful, and I'm trying not to think about it until it actually moves forward a couple of steps from "hey, would you be interested in this project? Maybe I'll pitch it to my bosses." May your writing be smooth and all your opportunities be non-stressful! (is that possible? Is stress part of every opportunity?)

January 12th, 2018

I was in Tokyo being happy and stressed out last Friday (in good fannish ways!) so no post! But we are back to it this week, even though time is tight and nonfiction writing is eating up my fiction writing life!

--List the circumstances over which your most recent character has no control.

Oh no, that's Sami, and right now he's feeling cocky enough to say he can control everything, but he's very wrong: he controls his bosses even less than he thinks he does; I'm not even sure he has as much control over his best friend as he thinks he does. I'm afraid he's going to have to learn some hard but valuable lessons about things being out of his control soon...

December 29th, 2017

The leadup to the holiday season basically destroyed me, but now that I have a bit of a break I finally have the time and energy to post this thread again!

--List the choices (not circumstances) that led your post recent character to his/her current predicament.

Oh goodness, I've actually already written full essays about the long and winding trail of choices that have led Kevin to where he is today, because it's particularly complex and interesting! A few include:

--Deciding to refuse to accept his bosses as authorities, to the point of physically assaulting them.
--Deciding to accept the help of his former friend and former enemy and reconcile with him (to be fair, this presented as almost no choice at all, as if he's never wanted anything so much).
--Interestingly, deciding to cheat less and less while aligned with his friend, while maintaining his arrogant bluster. Basically, his moral alignment seems to be shifting little by little, and this may be the most interesting story he's been in for a long time.

How are your character's choices going? I need to learn to make some better choices about my work load and time management, honestly. I finally finished my last class yesterday and TWO HOURS LATER had a full-blown head cold. I hate when my body holds off on being sick until I finally can relax...

December 8th, 2017

--Describe a recurring dream or nightmare your most recent POV character might have.

I'm late putting this up because I was at the dentist for emergency care for a cracked tooth! Augh... December has basically destroyed me this year, I'm behind on everything by at least a month, alas. Here's hoping things are going better for you!

I think Sami's recurring nightmare is... oh, all of the options are rather unpleasant. Rather than get TOO angsty, I'll say that most wrestlers specifically mention that they tend to have a recurring nightmare where they can hear their entrance music playing and are trying to lace their boots up and can't remember how to do it. (On the slightly angsty side, I think he may well have a recurring nightmare right now where he freezes in panic and doesn't save Kevin, and wakes up thrashing around and yelling to himself).

December 1st, 2017

--What calms your most recent POV character?

Oh dear, that's Kevin Owens again, and there's no doubt that's eating. He's actually talked about how when he's stressed and unhappy he falls back on eating as a way to cope, and has definitely implied that he's struggled with some kind of eating disorder. One of my personal theories about his character is that his occasional binges of violence are based on the actor's experiences with dealing with binges of food--when he gets on a jag of attacking people he seems dazed and disoriented and just keeps doing the behavior that he clearly knows is a bad idea, as if he feels completely out of control of his own reactions. It feels very harrowing and real...

I've gotten very little fiction writing done, but a lot of nonfiction writing done! I'm very proud of the essay I wrote this week, it's one of my favorites, but now I have to deal with the letdown and the fact that it's unlikely the next one will have that kind of emotional "high" since I can't keep upping the emotional stakes indefinitely... (I also am unsure I can finish it in two weeks, this is a brutally busy time of year!)

How about you? What calms your character down--or you, because goodness knows we could all use some calm right now...

November 17th, 2017

--Why is this character angry?

This is actually an awfully good question for Sami Zayn, who has suddenly decided to start trusting and adoring a man he should absolutely NOT be trusting. But in part he's decided that his anger at Kevin is nothing compared to his anger at this awful world--Sami is very political and hates Donald Trump, and sees his election as a sign that the world is going to hell, and he's basically given up on it. If the world is all going to hell, he'd rather go to hell WITH Kevin than WITHOUT him.

What's making your characters angry this week? I hope you're getting some good writing time in!

November 3rd, 2017

If your most recent POV character had to live in seclusion for six months, what six items would s/he bring?

Um. Kevin wouldn't deal very well with seclusion, that's for sure. He would probably bring a laptop (I assume no Internet) stuffed with files of his favorite wrestling matches. I suspect a Bible. Maybe one of Sami's hats, to prop on something and argue with. A favorite Guns and Roses shirt. If he could steal a wrestling title to have with him, or take one of his own if he happened to have it at the time, he'd do that. Possibly a childhood teddy bear, since he knows he's going to have a rough time coping.
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