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Open Thread: Oracle Hotline

Open Thread: Oracle Hotline

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So while we're doing WiP analysis (which I like because they can shift a little every week): What's the current word count on your WiPs? I know that doesn't mean a huge amount because 1000 words can be almost done or 10% done, but let's take a look!

My (shockingly large number for me) 4 WiPs are currently at:

1800 words (probably about 70% done, not sure)
300 words (probably about 30% done, it's a short story)
1900 words (about 50% done)
5000 words (about 70% done)

It's nice to be within shooting distance of two different stories! I have all this afternoon free so am hoping to move forward a little on all of them, maybe even to finish the very short one. How are things looking for you?
  • Under the Radar clocks in at 54,611 posted and a chapter at the betas.

    Hero in My Life currently stands at 79,062 words.

    Unrehearsable, aka "The Fic that Ate LA" is at 322,000 words even and a new chapter at the betas.

    I'm getting ready to post the latest chapter of Hero in My Life. Then, tomorrow I start the next chapter of Under the Radar.
    • THOSE ARE IMPRESSIVE MONSTERS. That's just amazing! When I had two projects of that length it almost wiped me out...
  • Can't answer this one. My first drafts are written in notebooks, so no easy word count available. :)

    Writing is very slow right now in fanfic, steady in profic. I'm too caught up in Patriots euphoria right now! :)
    • I hope that Patriots joy can translate into creativity for you this week! :D Euphoria is a good (and rare) thing in general right now!
  • I have too many WIPs... As always nd just not enough time to get to everything fast enough.

    At the moment there are 4 things I'm actively working on.

    6000 words (probably 30% done, but could get longer than that and has a deadline :P)
    300 words (probably 50%, because it's a short remix madness ficlet)
    1500 (no idea, I think maybe 20%, but I'm barley through the set up of the story)
    1000 words (probably 40%)

    I've been really busy with modding stuff since the new year and now I have my sights on filling a few Steve/Tony remix madness prompts, but there are so many stories I'd love to write and finish right now.

    • 30% done at 6000 words! And with a deadline! I hope not a really close one, lol...

      It's always so weird when you're not at all sure how long a story is going to be! I know I've had some that I thought would be 2000 words and they ended up at about 8--or vice versa!
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