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Open Thread: Oracle Hotline

Open Thread: Oracle Hotline

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Posting late because it's my holidays here and I promptly lost track of the days, yay!

2016 is nearly over! Rather than looking back, let's look forward: what are your hopes/plans/resolutions for 2017, writing-wise or fandom-wise or whatever-wise?

I want to finish this Superbat Big Bang by March, but other than that I have very few plans, to be honest. Going to avoid doing challenges and such as much as possible, because I'm not at all certain the extra pressure will be helpful. Probably I'll allow myself to be self-indulgent and write more small pieces and canon tags in the most active fandom--I somehow had convinced myself that anything under 1000 words wasn't worth posting, that I should be writing longer plotty pieces. And then I went back and looked at my early DC work and LOTS of them are just vignettes and moments written for the sheer joy of it, and I love a lot of them! No more short-fic-shaming for me! :D
  • I'd kind of like to finish Unrehearsable and Under the Radar. Getting my novel's first draft completed would be nice, too. Other than that, we'll see. I've got some OUAT ideas and I may write more fics in the two new fandoms I took on for Yuletide.

    I don't know about challenges, but I may take on more fic exchanges, if they come my way.

    We shall see...
    • First draft of a novel sounds like a FANTASTIC thing for 2017! Finishing long stories is sadder in a way, but also SO satisfying, I hope it works out great for you!
  • Ha, you know that I decided to just see what comes for 2017 in the area of fanfic, so I will probably (though won't say definitely, I know better, heh heh) skip Big Bangs this year, but I did finish my offering for the clexmas 2016 Winter Gift Exchange, which I do every year, and signed up for BruceDickBingo, but haven't received my card yet. I'll give the Mod a poke after New Year's. :)

    The rest of my thoughts are not goals, simply meanderings: I might get back to writing the third book of the Bruce/Dick Edwardian saga, The Raven And The Nightingale, which for whatever reasons I haven't touched in months, and possibly get back to making serious headway on what I call my Han/Luke 'comfort food' fic, the style of which reminds me of some classic zine stories back in the day. :)

    I am going to start working on creating my final Challenge for Wonder Woman, but other than that, my story ideas are whatever comes my way, and perhaps getting stories that have been written in my notebooks but haven't been posted yet the polishing necessary for public consumption.

    I'd like to write more in the DC TVverse, as I've dabbled in that, but as entertaining as the shows have been, I just haven't had much inspiration lately for any of them. Maybe the resumption of new stories will help. :)

    My profic is coming along at a good pace so that will be my No. 1 priority, so I expect the fanfic output to be lower than past years, but that's been my pattern for recent years or more now, anyway. I do think I've kept up the quality, and I still have readers and have been accumulating new ones, so that's a very good thing!

    Hey, any length of fanfic is good. Short pieces can sometimes be more impactful than the long ones. Glad to hear you're writing! :)

    Who knows, I might be writing a few more politically-oriented stories in 2017. Plenty of fodder! Let the clown show begin!

    Edited at 2016-12-30 03:28 pm (UTC)
    • I hope the BruceDickBingo mod has gotten a card to you by now!

      I'm already terribly worried that I might have to default this Big Bang--just feeling paranoid about it! I've never had to default before and I'd hate to start in 2017.

      I hope the DC TVverse gets more inspiring to you! It looks like there's some good stuff there, but I understand how sometimes things can be good yet somehow not inspiring for fic...
  • I had some plans but now I'm reevaluating.

    I would dearly love to go ahead with my Clark/Bruce Christmas fic because it would be a lot of fun (fake relationship trope, space elves with a penchant for litigation, and a bunch of other stuff). But (a) who wants to read Christmas fic in January, and (b) the chances there will be any explicit porn and/or kinks of any kind are zero to none, so (c) is it worth it to invest in a long and plotty, PG-13 rated fic?

    Before the blahs set in I was delighted to be writing again, the last couple of years have been such a struggle that way. I feel increasingly out of step with fandom, though, and am not sure what to do about that.

    • Post Christmas stories whenever you want! I've got a handful that will be posted in January. If no one's in the mood to read, you'll catch 'em next year as they search for good holiday reads. :)

      Oh, heck, yes, a long, plotty, PG-13 fic sounds lovely! Porn can be overrated. ;)

      Fannish interest goes in cycles. Trust me as a long-time veteran. Your interest may wane for awhile but will wax again when ready. Fandom has changed tremendously since the days of zines but is still essentially the same: geeks geeking out! ;)
    • I think people love Christmas fic whenever it appears, to be honest! But I also understand the blah setting in...

      Before the blahs set in I was delighted to be writing again, the last couple of years have been such a struggle that way. I feel increasingly out of step with fandom, though, and am not sure what to do about that.

      I feel SUPER out of step with everything in fandom right now, and...decrepit, pretty much. It's funny, in a way I feel like societal trends that I wholly approve of (less social conditioning to see swoony romance as a good thing; more open embrace of strings-free sexuality) have led to a real dearth of fanfic I'm personally able to enjoy, and a lot of puzzled readers of my stories. I do think the only possible response to that is to write what makes you personally happy to write--in a way, I've found it all very freeing, to realize that the only person I'm guaranteed to make happy with a story is myself, so I'd damn well better make sure I actually am making myself happy...
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