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Open Thread: Oracle Hotline

Open Thread: Oracle Hotline

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How goes with everyone as the year draws to a close? Next week I'll find one of those end-of-the-year memes and discuss it here, perhaps! I've been writing short vignettes this week and enjoying it a lot. though I'm not sure which if any I will post--I've been trying to practice expanding my range of characters, but it always seems like the vignettes I like best and which resonate most are with the same rather small circle of characters. I guess that's natural, but it's a bit frustrating as well! How are things with you?
  • I have been messing around with Yuletide things. Finished my main story and posted it. Nabbed a pinch hit. Wrote it. Posted it. Now I need to edit it but the kind soul who beta'ed it gave me some good ideas.

    I have another prompt that I am debating treating, but I have not quite got an idea together. Maybe it will be a NYR fic. The prompt is for a short film. The protagonist is the best kind of character in my book - both hero and villain - a visionary, acting in a way that she believes is for the best.

    After the new year, I need to get back to Spero and finish the first draft so I can figure out how to edit it and get on with a second draft.
    • Your treat's protagonist sounds great! I hope you either found time to write it or can write it as a NYR. And I hope your gifts were great as well!

      Good luck with finishing that first draft next year and moving on to the second--it sounds like a fun challenge, editing has always been my weakest thing, both in fiction and non-fiction...
      • Since I haven't yet wrote the treat/NYR, I thought I'd share the movie - it is a 15 minute short: https://vimeo.com/58429056 Well worth it if you are interested in hard sci fi. :)

        Thanks for the luck on the writing/editting. I think in this case that the second draft is going to be a rewrite. My plan at the moment is to print the beast out, take a lot of red pen to it, and retype the whole thing. I don't think it is to my advantage to try and salvage more than some small bits as written. There are things to cut, things to add and the prose sucks everywhere. I wont be on to editting until the second draft is done. Heh.
  • Yuletide is done! I got my assignment done a few weeks ago, but I also took on a 10th-hour pinch-hit (the eleventh hour ones went out today...). My general rule for taking one after the 18th (i.e. less than 4 days to get it in) is "only if the prompt births a clear and coherent plot-bunny in time for me to respond first." And by that, I mean the kind that starts outlining what should happen in my head, starts playing a film of those scenes... basically what happened to me with Passamaquoddy Impromptu.

    When it's my initial assignment, I have time to review the canon, tug at a plot thread and see what unravels, scrap an idea if it's not working... When it's a late pinch-hit, if I can't confirm the canon details with a quick Google search/flip the book to the chapter in question/fast forward the YouTube vid to the spot I'm pretty sure I need, then I'm not going to take it.

    (There was a Singin' in the Rain prompt that would've been fun. Only it too went up after the 18th and the requester wanted something detailed about Hollywood changing over from silents to talkies. I didn't think I could research that and review the canon and write the fic in less than four days.)

    Other than that, I've sent a chapter of Under the Radar to the betas and am working on Unrehearsable.

    Edited at 2016-12-23 01:50 am (UTC)
    • I hope your 10th hour pinch hit worked out well and your Yuletide was grand! I got four gifts and it was a really good Yuletide for me, they were all great and my own stories were well-received, just overall a very happy Yuletide. *happy sigh* Now let's see if I can get caught up on things before the reveals!

      That Singin' in the Rain prompt sounds cool but very challenging--but I still kind of wish you'd been able to take it, as it turned out. :(
  • The Christmas spirit has hit me writing-wise (in RL, too, happily)! :)

    I have a lot of holiday ideas. I just finished the first draft of a Wild Wild West Christmas Eve story. I haven't written Jim/Artie in ages! I guess a Victorian Christmas setting gets me every time. I enjoyed researching Victorian Christmas dinner menus.

    I'm not sure if it'll go up before Sunday as the next few days are going to be busy around here, but putting up holiday stories should be just fine next week.

    I'm also currently writing a JLA Christmas story and am wrapping up a Gift Exchange fic that I want to send out soon.

    I'll be looking back on 2016 soon as far as writing goes, and there might be some interesting points in my year's end review. Anyway, even though my writing output is nowhere near what it was during LJ's heyday 5 years ago, I'm still being inspired, so I count that as a good thing.

    Happy Holidays, everyone! :)
    • Happy holidays to you as well! All of this sounds wonderful... I am hoping to snag some writing time tonight at last--running out of time this year to get any writing done! I hope your days have been busy in all the best of ways and that your 2017 is bright and merry and full of inspiration!
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    • Naming characters is so hard! My big problem is that I'll name them and then change their names and not even notice it...

      I love making maps so much too! A big part of my Age of Sail story that I may even someday write is a desire to plot out some maps and itineraries out...
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