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Open Thread: Oracle Hotline

Open Thread: Oracle Hotline

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What pairing would you like to write for that you never have?

Hm, I can't think of many because almost everything I like I dabbled in at least a little! I've only glanced along Apollo/Midnighter and I'd like to write more of them. Same with Bruce/Selina, who I love but find hard to write.

How's your writing going this week? Mine has been very stalled--I've done some big Bang planning and forged ahead slowly on other things, but it's not really a writing-heavy time of year. I hope your writing life is more productive and your not-writing-life is relatively hassle-free!
  • Hmmm... that's a tough one. I don't usually do pairings. Or, at least, not shippy fic. Maybe Matt Murdock/Natasha Romanov, but that's more of a 'what pairing have I never dabbled in that sort of works for me', not really a 'I think I'm going to tackle that sometime soon'.

    I'm working on Under the Radar, my Batman/Daredevil crossover. I feel like I've pretty much cast out the plot net as far as it's going to go and it's time to start reeling it back in...

    Sorry your writing is stalled, but glad to hear you're doing writing-related stuff!
    • I'm working on Under the Radar, my Batman/Daredevil crossover. I feel like I've pretty much cast out the plot net as far as it's going to go and it's time to start reeling it back in...

      Oh, I like that metaphor! It works really well for a long story with that sense of spreading out for a while, then coming back in (one hopes with a good haul!)

      Doing a lot of writing-thinking! And snippets, I haven't written snippets for a while and it's a lot of fun.
  • I would love to write something Clark/Lois, and have ideas, but keep dragging my feet getting to it. Maybe because they are such an iconic couple? Or because they are canon, and what is there to add?

    Bruce/Selina, too, maybe. They are less intimidating at least.

    Writing is going all right. (I hesitate to ever get too enthusiastic for fear of jinxing everything.) "Curses Foiled Again" is done and over at last, thank goodness. It was beginning to feel like that one would never end. Plans for the Christmas fic are in full swing. So, so far so good.

    Hope things improve for you and your muse.
    • I hope the Christmas fic is going well! And I hear you on the Clark/Lois, it's just...daunting. Even though I love them! Bruce/Selina is a lot more fluid and flexible (even if I am unsure I like the way comics canon is writing them right now, but that seems to be the story of my comics-reading life right now...)
  • So many of them since I'm in dozens of fandoms! For comics, there's been months I told myself that I really should write a Leah/Illyana fic.
    • I love writing something I haven't before, but I tend to be very OTP-focused so I don't do it as often as I should! Anytime I come up with a hook for a story, I tend to end up going "Hmmm, wouldn't this be more fun to write with my OTP?" Annnnd that's that. :)
  • I've wanted to write Steve/Thor for quite awhile but never can seem to get a plot going, or even a drabble! :) I kind of go back and forth between setting them in the Avengers or having Steve living in Asgard, whether temporarily or permanently. I think they understand each other on an elemental level as warriors and kind of fish-out-of-water in current American society. I may get around to writing them someday, hopefully!

    I'd love to write more Bruce/Selina! Their sexual chemistry is powerful and Selina really 'gets' Bruce. She doesn't let him pull any crap and he's indulgent with her 'peccadilloes'.

    I am really thinking about writing Ivy/Harley. That's a pairing you can really let loose with, especially if the Joker is in the mix.

    Good luck on your Muses waking up soon! Maybe they're off buying Christmas presents! ;)
    • Oh, I like all of those options! Steve in Asgard, that's a wonderful image! It's just what he would deserve, too. I might have written just a smidge of Harley/Ivy in the past, but they deserve more love!

      I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I'm really, really hoping I have enough energy after that to write a bit. I have the ideas, just not the time!
  • I am not a very shippy writer so I don't know, and this last year with all the original fic, I havent written ship fic at all.

    I've been struggling with my yuletide fic, itching to get back to the NaNo project. Soon, perhaps. :)
    • It's great you're eager to get back to the NaNo! I hope the Yuletide writing has gone smoothly and you're able to get back to where you want to be soon...
  • Well... I know I want to write some Wonder Woman/Catwoman stuff~ But honestly, my backlog of stuff I wanna do it really overwhelming and thinking about it makes me wanna curl into a ball so tight I disappear. XD But oh! Bruce/Selina~ <3

    Gandalf/Galadriel I really would like to write something for that, one day. Something slow and sensual and~

    My writing has been going well! I am putting aside my NaNo project for a little while so I don't get burned out and sick of it. I've written a few short things and that is so niceee! I actually finished 3 things! =D Now, lol, I just need to finish my Stancest tumblr so I can post them. That, however, is a bit stalled because my laptop is in the shop. It's 7 years old and the case it starting to break so~ (Decided to break on November 30th too while I was writing!!!) Yeah, gotta start looking for a new one of those before this one literally falls apart! The sad part is all the hard drives are perfect, and a few are new. Ah~ That's life though! I'm just happy I have an iPad with a decent keyboard so I don't get stuck not being able to write. Plus, super portable!

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    • I love the idea that you've worn your computer out by overuse, while the hard drives are still fine! That's pretty impressive. And the iPad is really nice for spot writing, isn't it? I thought I could get by without the keyboard, just typing straight on the screen, and I almost killed my fingers before I realized that was what was hurting them so badly. :O

      Diana/Selina! I would be very much there for that, I don't know if I've ever seen a lot!
  • (no subject) - quark101
    • I hope the magic rules are going well, in addition to your casting call! :D Magic systems seem like they'd be really hard to write--it's hard enough to write in some of the established ones, though a bit part of the problem is they don't bother to be consistent. ;)
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